Onepress Responsive WordPress Theme

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Download Onepress Responsive WordPress Theme

Download Onepress Responsive WordPress Theme

As titled Onepress responsive wordpress theme, the look of this simple theme on a mobile phone is really responsive or we call it mobile friendly. Most people around the world will access our blog through a smart phone and that’s why it’s very important to turn your wordpress theme in to mobile friendly.

This beautiful onepress responsive wordpress theme has one sidebar on the right with wider body that can be filled by your content if your theme is displayed on a desktop but it’s different on a mobile look, it displayes featured image fixed to your mobile wide / screen and the text as your description below the featured image.

The best featured image size you can apply to your blog using this onepress responsive wordpress theme is 600 px in width and 300 px in height. This will also be great when you share your post into a social media such as facebook, twitter and google+.

Before choosing a wordpress theme, one thing that you have to remember is make sure your wordpress theme is mobile friendly by checking a mobile-friendly wordpress theme blog using Google mobile friendly tester as a screenshot below:

This onepress responsive wordpress theme is a free beautiful mobile friendly wordpress theme to use that you can download. Before downloading this wordpress theme, take a look of the mobile and other devices display below:

Let’s take an action to apply this onepress responsive wordpress theme for your lovely blog by downloading through the links below:

Demo Link:

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