[2020] 6 Important Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Website

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[2020] 6 Important Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Website
One of Those questions Which we often get asked is: Why Can I Utilize WordPress? Isn’t my previous blog Goodenough? Why is it that I want to modify to WordPress from the other stage? If you should be asking those questions, then you are at the ideal location. Within the following piece, we’ll share 6 major factors why you should utilize WordPress. We’ll even cover most of the different kind of internet sites you are able to make with WordPress in addition to showcase popular websites which are using WordPress.
Note: All Through this Report, Once We state WordPress, we’re chatting about WordPress.org additionally referred to as self-hosted WordPress. Please don’t confuse that with WordPress.com that’s an hosting agency. For details, visit our contrast of WordPress.org versus WordPress.com.

Probably one of the very frequent misconception about WordPress is it is simply a blogging platform.

1. WordPress is Free as in Freedom

WordPress is a completely free software. It means You’re free to download, Install, utilize and alter it to match your requirements. You may use it to generate any kind of internet site. To learn more, read our article about exactly why is WordPress completely free? .

While the WordPress software itself is free of charge, you need a domain name and web hosting to install it.

A domain name is the address of your website online. That can be What your customers enter their browser address bar to automatically access your web site (by way of example, wpbeginner.com).

Web hosting can be your site’s house where all of your web site files have been stored.

We recommend using Bluehost. They are among the largest hosting companies on the planet and a officially recommended WordPress hosting provider.

They are also offering WPBeginner users A60% reduction on hosting along with A free domain name. Ostensibly, you’ll be able to get started for $2.75 a month.

If you want somebody experienced to setup your own WordPress site, then Our talented team members are happy to assist you to get started. The best part is that we offer a free WordPress website installation support.

You might even do it yourself by following our step-by-step guide on how best to install WordPress.

In case you Encounter some difficulties using WordPress, only type your question In Google and insert wpbeginner at the ending of your own question. You will probably find the answer on the site.

2. WordPress is Easy to Customize Themes and Plugins

A large Part of people using WordPress are neither web designers Nor developers. As a question of fact, many folks start using WordPress without any prior knowledge of designing websites.

To get non-tech educated people, WordPress is the Best Solution because There are thousands of free website templates (topics ) that you may select from. There’s the perfect WordPress theme for almost every type of website (whether it’s a site, business website, or an online shop ).

WordPress themes are easy to personalize because Lots of them come With their particular options panel letting you improve colors, upload logo, change the background, create exquisite sliders, and customize it to your requirements without any code at all.

You can also add custom functionality to your WordPress site from using Plugins. WordPress plugins are like programs for your website which you could use to incorporate complex features like Analytics , contact forms, membership area, and more.

Just like themes, you can find thousands of premium and free plugins out there that you use. To find more information, visit our article about which exactly are WordPress plugins and also how can they work.

Aside from adding additional functionality, a few WordPress plugins can let You change your website into a wholly new platform. Take a peek at our expert selection of important WordPress plugins for every website.

3. WordPress is SEO Friendly

WordPress is composed using conventional compliance high code and Produces semantic markup. In non-geek terms, this makes Google and other search engines love WordPress.

This is the reason WordPress web sites have a tendency to rank more than others in search engines.

By design, WordPress is very search engine optimization friendly from the carton. You can Additionally utilize WordPress SEO plugins to further maximize your site. For complete step by step instructions, visit our ultimate WordPress search engine optimisation guide to precisely optimize your own website. WordPress is Simple To Manage

WordPress has a builtin updates management system. This Lets you update your plugins and themes from within your WordPress admin dashboard.

WordPress also notifies you if there is a new version of WordPress Available, and that means it is possible to update your website simply by clicking a button.

To protect your data from any mishap or hacking, then it is possible to readily use a WordPress backup plugin to automatically make backups and store them safely in a distant location.

It is also possible to manage your own WordPress site on the go with WordPress mobile programs.

4. WordPress is Simple to Control

WordPress comes with a builtin updates direction system. This Lets you upgrade your plugins and themes from within your WordPress admin dash.

WordPress additionally informs you if there is a new variant of WordPress Available, which means it is possible to update your site simply by clicking a button.

To guard your data from any mishap or hacking, then it’s possible to easily make use of a WordPress backup plugin to automatically make copies and keep them safely in a distant location.

You can also manage your own WordPress site on the go using WordPress mobile programs.

5. WordPress is Secure and Safe

WordPress is designed with security in mind, and it is believed to Be an extremely safe and secure platform to conduct a website. However, just like the actual world, the internet is definitely an uncertain place.

You can find intruders Available who want to get their hands on as numerous Websites as they can. To shield your WordPress site, you will find a couple of straightforward things which you could do in order to make it more secure. For details, visit our step-by-step WordPress security guide for beginners.

We utilize Sucuri on our sites to protect against common threats such as bruteforce attacks and malware.

6. WordPress Are Designed for Separate Media Types

WordPress isn’t just restricted by text. It includes a integral media uploader to take care of pictures, sound, and audio files.

WordPress supports oEmbed allowed internet sites this usually means that you may upload YouTube videos, Insta-gram photos, Tweets, along with sound cloud songs by pasting the URL from the WordPress article editor.